Bidding Platform

PreconSuite provides a “suite” of software modules that streamline your preconstruction bid management process so you can win more bids.
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Bid Solicitation & Bid Management

Streamline your Bidding Process
Send Bid Invitations Quick and Easy

Complete your bidding process in fewer steps and clicks. Create lists faster by using favorites and your own custom filters.

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Tabulate and Level Bids

Create itemized Bid Tabulation sheets Compare bids side-by-side. Identify scope differences and enter plug numbers or overrides with comments. 

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Qualify Vendors

Robust form builder used to make any questionnaire or form electronic. Forms can be embedded and integrated into your own company website!

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Trusted By World-Class Companies

For both vertical and horizontal construction

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our subs that receive solicitations from us vs. other general contractors….so much easier to get the plans and find the information they need.”

Ryan Taylor
VP of Pre-Construction

“Simplicity of the program alongside of what it's capable of is really the main reason we love it.”

Romaine Rotschy
Senior Lead Estimator

Streamline Your Bidding Process

Complete your bidding process in less time

Create Bidders Lists Fast and Easy

Complete your bidding process in less time, less steps, and less clicks using PreconSuite. Bidders lists can be created using favorites lists or your own custom filters.

Own and Edit Your Data

Your database is never shared. You OWN and can EDIT your data on the fly using PreconSuite's exclusive in-line editing feature. You can edit an email and resend a bid invitation in two clicks. Some systems do not allow you to edit emails on the fly since it is not your data.

Send FROM Your Own Email

Bid Invitations and Notices are sent FROM your own company email, so they look more personal to your subcontractors, resulting in the highest open rate in the industry.

Easy Access for Vendors = More Bids

Eliminate roadblocks for vendors accessing your projects. Vendors access your projects instantly, without having to register or sign up, by clicking on the "View Files and Project Details" button in your bid invitation.

Customizable Prequalification Forms

Don’t let the name fool you... while PreconPrequal is mostly used for subcontractor prequalification, our drag and drop form builder can be used to build any questionnaire to gather any information or documents from your vendors. Forms can either be emailed to your vendors or embedded in your company website or private planroom portal.

Create Prequal Approval Workflows

Qualify vendors the way you want by creating workflows tailored to your internal approval processes. Collaborate with your team by adding comments during the approval process, with the option to copy those comments to the vendor's record which are viewable by your estimating team.

Bid Leveling

Create custom bid form templates manually, copy from prior projects, or import from Excel. Line items can be lump sum, unit quantities and prices, yes/no questions, or even free-form text for subcontractors to fill out. Compare bid form line items side-by-side to identify any glaring differences and find scope discrepancies. Enter plug numbers or overrides to level bids.

Bid Form Wizard

Our Bid Form Wizard predicts which of your Bid Form Templates should be associated with each Trade or Bid Package, which is a huge time saver when setting up Bid Forms for each project. Users can create an infinite number of Bid Form templates, and Bid Forms are not required for every Trade or Bid Package, unlike some other systems.

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