Qualify Vendors, Manage Your Risk

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Qualify Vendors, Manage Your Risk

Customizable Prequalification Forms

Don’t let the name fool you... while PreconPrequal is mostly used for subcontractor prequalification, our drag and drop form builder can be used to build any questionnaire to gather any information or documents from your vendors. Forms can either be emailed to your vendors or embedded in your company website or private planroom portal.

Create Prequal Approval Workflows

Qualify vendors the way you want by creating workflows tailored to your internal approval processes. Collaborate with your team by adding comments during the approval process, with the option to copy those comments to the vendor's record which are viewable by your estimating team.

Create Custom Questions

Create unlimited custom questions tailored specifically to your business needs. Data entries store and sync with your vendor database, including address, contact information, custom fields, custom Groups (Certifications, Union status, Areas Willing to work, etc). Track insurance expiration dates and store uploaded Insurance certificates in the vendor's record.

Send Back Feature

If a vendor submits something incorrectly, the "Send Back" feature allows you to send back the form with a personalized message explaining what needs to be corrected. Their prior entries will be saved so they won't have to reenter everything from scratch.

Track Which Forms Were Sent Back

You can track which forms were sent back on the "Responses - Sent Back" list. When the vendor resubmits their corrected form, they are moved back to the inbox.


“The prequalification set up is a really neat feature and then we are able to use an NDA Disclosure Agreement and all the wonderful things it allows us to do.”

Charlie Hayes
Director of Pre-Construction
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