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Sync your projects with HCSS Heavybid Pre-Construction

Bi-directional integration allows project information in PreconSuite to sync with HCSS. Projects sync in the click of a button, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Dashboard Tracking

The dashboard allows you to quickly and easily see what percentage of Projects and Business Units are mapped.


“Excited about the efficiencies we'll be able to bring to our mutual customers.”

Amanda Ayles
Product Manager

“Based off the feedback we have received from customers, they are benefiting off of this relationship and they are very happy with the partnership.”

Rateb Almasri
Senior Product Manager
Features & Benefits
Why Heavy Highway and Heavy Civil Contractors Choose PreconSuite?
Invites come FROM your email address and subs don't need to login
Uses flexible formats for Trade Codes or no codes at all
Unlimited custom reports are easy; including Good Faith Effort reports
OWN, EDIT and CONTROL your subcontractor data
Bid a project in phases/stages then rebid in 1 click
95% bid invitation Open Rate
Customization of bidding system and personalization of bid invitations
Bi-directional integration with HeavyBid Preconstruction
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