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Streamline Your Bidding Process

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Bid Management & Bid Solicitation

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Streamline your Bidding Process

PreconSuite refines the bid solicitation process of creating bidders lists and sending out bid invitations with the fewest amount of clicks possible. This streamlined process means you'll have more time for important things like refining your bids so you can win more work.

Create Bidders Lists Fast and Easy

Create bid lists or bid packages FAST using favorites lists or your own custom filters and shortcuts. For complex projects, use Bid Packages with different bid dates, different verbiage per Bid Package on bid invites, and segregate plans and bid documents by Bid Package as needed.

Send FROM Your Email

Emails are sent in a unique way which guarantees your emails will get into the subs’ inbox. Bid Invitations and Notices are sent FROM your own company email, so they look more personal to your subcontractors, resulting in the highest open rate in the industry. Option to change which user the email is sent from. Deliverability logs and email tracking tools allow users to achieve 100% email deliverability.

Own and Edit Your Data

Your database is never shared. You OWN and can EDIT your data on the fly using PreconSuite's exclusive in-line editing feature. You can edit an email and resend a bid invitation in two clicks. Some systems do not allow you to edit emails on the fly since it is not your data.

Personalization = Higher Response

PreconSuite allows an option to create bid invitations and notices that look like a personal email, automatically inserting the vendor's first name at the top, and with your company's standard email signature/logo at the bottom. Vendors are more likely to respond to emails that are more personal than those that look like an email blast.

Easy Access for Vendors = More Bids

Eliminate roadblocks for vendors accessing your projects. Vendors access your projects instantly, without having to register or sign up, by clicking on the "View Files and Project Details" button in your bid invitation.


Subcontractors can submit RFIs directly into your private planroom portal. Your bidding team has visibility into all questions which can be answered individually or compiled into an FRI Log sent to some or all subcontractors and vendors.

NDA Feature

Subcontractors must agree to your Non-Disclosure Agreement before they can access a confidential project. NDA verbiage can be copied and edited on a job-by-job basis. Copy/paste into the text box, or copy from a prior project and edit. NDA Access Report shows which companies accepted the terms of your NDA and when, along with the IP address of the device they used to accept.

Sealed Bid

When activating the Sealed Bid option, bids submitted by your subcontractors and vendors will be hidden until the unseal date and time you specify. All users will see a countdown clock showing time remaining until bids are revealed.

Bid Phases

This feature allows users to rebid a project in a couple clicks, or to bid in phases such as 75% Drawings, Final Drawings, with each Bid Phase having its own bidding history within the same overall project.

Business Units for Segmenting Data

Set up infinite Business Units to segment Projects, Subcontractors, and even Prequalification forms between your users. Business Units are beneficial if you have:

  • Regional Offices/Divisions
  • Subsidiaries competitively bidding your project
  • Joint Ventures
  • Owner requesting access for a project
  • Limiting Subcontractor Financial reports in Prequal forms to certain individuals

Flexible to Do Business Your Way

Flexible to work with your business process, using any format of Trade Codes or no codes at all. PreconSuite listens to their customers and will build additional features requested by its users to help their complex scenarios.


“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our subs that receive solicitations from us vs. other general contractors….so much easier to get the plans and find the information they need.”

Ryan Taylor
VP of Pre-Construction

“Simplicity of the program alongside of what it's capable of is really the main reason we love it.”

Romaine Rotschy
Senior Lead Estimator
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