Frequently Asked Questions

General Contractors
Do my subcontractors have to sign up, and is my data shared with others outside my company?
How do I get my list of subcontractors into the Software?
Can I edit my subcontractor data any time?
Am I limited on anything such as number of projects, emails, or file sizes?
Do you have a bid leveling program?
Do you have a Prequalification module?
Can I pay for only the modules I need?
Does PreconSuite offer an NDA feature for confidential projects?
How can I get more bid invitations?
How can PreconBid help my company?
What is the difference between the free version of PreconBid and PreconBid Pro?
Account / Set Up
How long will it take for all my subs to get into your system?
Am I required to sign an annual contract?
What are the hours of your customer service?
Does PreconSuite integrate with Procore?
Do you offer training?

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