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Value-Added Services

Supports Your Business Needs

Email Clean-Up Service

Our team of US based employees will help keep your database updated. We will identify subs with invalid emails in your database, call them on your behalf, and update them in your system, if you choose. Email deliverability is paramount to the preconstruction process which is why PreconSuite will work with you to get all your emails into your subs’ inbox. Think of PreconSuite as an extension of your back office team.

Find Me More Subs

If you need additional subs or have a specialty trade that you may not see in our directory, we have a "Find Me More Subs" feature that allows you to request additional subs from our Directory Team. Our team of US based callers will find additional subs for you. The callers will call on behalf of your company, speak with the sub and ensure they are willing to take a look at your project. The found subs will be sent to you which can then be added to your database for use on current or future projects. Once you import the sub, you OWN the data. You can send them a prequal form, change, edit, or add other company info.

ITB Response Service

Our callers will call your bidders list on your behalf and try and find out:

  • If a sub clicked on the project information, why they didn't they respond; or
  • If a sub opened up the bid invitation, why didn’t they click to find out more about the project

We reiterate to the sub how important it is to respond to GC invites even if their answer is "unsure" or "no". This tells the GC that they received it. It also lets the GC know to continue sending them pertinent information on the project if they are unsure.

Faxing Service

Faxing service is still needed or required for some General Contractors. Faxing logs can be created and used for Good Faith Effort reports.

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