Increase Your Deliverability and Open Rate with PipelineSuite

BY Brittney Neely

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General contractors have reported that bid responses from subcontractors have substantially decreased this past year. Subcontractors say one big reason is that they are getting inundated with ITB’s from GC’s that they don’t know. Another reason is that the email is sent from a bidding service email so they feel like they are bidding against hundreds of subs… they want to spend time bidding projects they have a better chance of winning. So how do you increase your bid deliverability and open rate?

Contractors that use PipelineSuite® to send their ITB’s don’t have these issues. PipelineSuite® allows its users to send from their own company email address, so it looks more personal and not sent from a mass bidding service email. Subs feel like they have a good shot at landing the job, so they are more likely to respond and bid.

Another reason subs respond more to GC’s that use PipelineSuite® is that they don’t have to sign-up or register like other services require them to do. It is so simple for subs to get in, get what they need and get out, they are much more likely to look at your plans and confirm whether they will bid or not. As you can see from the graph above, PipelineSuite® has an impressive deliverability rate along with a great open rate. We understand that this is one of the most important roles of your bid management software. If it isn’t at least doing this for you, it isn’t fulfilling its primary function… getting bid responses!

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