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Caleb H.
Best Solicitation Service I Have Used
PreconSuite makes it very easy to target specific trade per job. Can send out ITBs in a fraction of the time it used to take. You can also send notices per trade and only to the vendors that clicked that they are bidding on the project.
Lisa M.
Next Level Customer Service
PreconSuite ties all the aspects of the bid package together. It allows us to get informtion to the bidders quickly and proficently. We can monitor the timelines, whos bidding and who's not, and manage our database effectively. Also needed to contact Chat option for help. Had NO idea Rick Dill would be the person i connected with. VERY impressive to have someone who spends time fielding customer inquiries, says a lot about how much the company cares about the level of customer service they provide.
Easy and Functional
I have used all of the other programs out there and as an estimator for commercial construction, PreconSuite just has the most bang for the buck for managing your bid invitations, documents and correspondence to subs. I'ts user friendly and has everything you need.
Steven S.
Great for Commercial Construction
There are lots of complex bidding software solutions out there, what I like about PreconSuite is its simplicity. Bidders recieve an email and have all they need to interact with PreconSuite in that email. It's very easy to create a job and send out invites. Customer support is responsive, when I have had a problem it's been resolved within the day. It is very easy to update contacts, estimators change often and it's easy to update email contacts to make sure the correct bidder is getting the information.
Ellie C.
PreconSuite is awesome
I like managing subcontractors and viewing their history with our company. There isnt much I dislike about PreconSuite.
Mike D.
Excellent tool for our teams bidding coordination
PreconSuite is a great tool for tracking all our bidding in one place. There's nothing I dislike about PreconSuite. It has made streamlined our bidding coordination and made my job a lot easier.
Britney W.
New user - very easy to learn!
PreconSuite has a very user friendly interface. Very easy to learn!
Romaine R.
PreconSuite is an awesome tool!
PreconSuite is easy to use and easy to implement. Rick Dill and his team bring a level of customer support and customer service that sets the bar. It has all of the features we need, was easy to integrate and we use it every day!
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