4 Common Mistakes that Could Be Avoided with the Right Bid Software

BY Andy Dill

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Four common Mistakes that Could Be Avoided with the Right Bid Software Mistakes during the pre-construction process can be incredibly costly, but are absolutely avoidable. By keeping up with these practices and using PipelineSuite, we help eliminate unnecessary mistakes.

1. Invites getting marked as spam

  • With more people working from home, email service providers have upped their security. Previously delivered emails are getting marked as spam. You can test your email “Spammyness” here.
  • With PipelineSuite, we work with you to ensure 100% of your emails get to your subs inbox.
  • We add CNAME records, and authorize sending FROM your email address to keep the personal touch and spammyness score great.

2. Addenda delivery

  • If a sub claims to have not received an addendum, and didn’t include it in their bid, you may be liable for a lot of money not budgeted into the project. You have to ensure that you are keeping a log of your emails back and forth, and notify your vendors when there is an addendum.
  • PipelineSuite provides reporting for all communication sent to your subs; you can even show exactly when they opened the email.

3. Missing out on potential bidders

  • Vendors falling through the cracks because they weren’t listed in a trade, or the person you typically work with is no longer there can result in missing out on a low bid.
  • With PipelineSuite you have the flexibility to assign your subs to any custom trade, and it is a required field so vendors will never fall through the cracks. If your contact leaves the company, you can see that the email is bouncing on the screen, edit it on the spot and resend the invite in one-click.

4. Prequalify before the job starts

  • Are you sure that all of your subs are insured, bonded, and qualified to perform the work you have them doing? If not, it could come back to haunt you.
  • Prequalify your subs before the project with PipelineSuite. Gather insurance info, EMR, Bonding Capacity, and any other info you need to make sure you’re covered on the job site.

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