Bid Forms In PipelineSuite

BY Grant Gergins

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Every day thousands of companies send out Request for Quotes to vendors during the preconstruction phases of their projects. Vendors need to accurately portray the scope of work being laid out. General contractors should identify scope discrepancies between vendors and iron them out before assuming the low bid includes everything required. PipelineTabs is Bid Tabulation and Bid Leveling software that simplifies the process, saving you valuable time.

PipelineTabs allows you to create custom line items and questions for your vendors to enter their bid amounts, and then ‘level’ those bids side by side in a simple and robust format. Users can identify scope differences quicker, enter plugin numbers or overrides with comments, and even export those bid forms to Excel. Rather than sort through all proposals one by one, PipelineTabs presents all proposals on one screen and breaks them down by category. Leveling the bids makes it easier to decide which subcontractor should be awarded the project. Make sure your subs are “qualified” to perform the desired work by confirming insurance requirements, bonding limit, and financials when comparing their bid submissions as well.

You can save unlimited bid form templates for future use and customize as many as you need for your specific trades and bid packages. Stop digging through excel sheets and see how powerful PipelineTabs could be for your business!