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PipelineSuite is a popular preconstruction bid solicitation software choice for Heavy Highway and Heavy Civil companies for several reasons that we will discuss below. Thousands of contractors and subcontractors use our bidding, Prequal, Bid Leveling, and Vendor Directory for preconstruction mainly because it is so easy and efficient, allowing its users to get their tasks done in the fewest number of clicks. PipelineSuite integrates with top software companies like HCSS and Procore, which eliminates double data entry, saving users time and money.

PipelineSuite does not confine users to CSI Codes like other bidding platforms, which are primarily used for vertical construction

  • Organize your subs and suppliers using the scope/categories YOU want for the type of work you bid out.
  • This includes keeping track of specific types of suppliers, Union affiliation(s), Minority Certifications, how far a company is willing to travel, internal qualification status, multiple insurance expirations, etc.

Tailor Bid Invitations with a specific scope verbiage for each trade

  • Use Bid Packages to differentiate the plans, scope of work, and bid date for each vendor’s invite.
  • Option to restrict who sees which plans in the plan room.

Easily track Responses, RFIs, and Bid Submittals

  • See when a vendor responds, downloads documents, and submits their questions or bids.
  • Automatically send reminders to any vendor that hasn’t responded to save you with follow-up.

Never worry about low response rates

  • Your vendors do not need to sign-up or login to access the plan room, which eliminates roadblocks and increases bid coverage.
  • Emails come FROM your own email address, so the invite is personalized and is less likely to be marked as spam.

Integrations enable your data to sync which saves manual and repetitive data entry

  • PipelineSuite has an open API allowing integrations of project and vendor data.
  • PipelineSuite does not charge for its integrations or API access like others do.

PipelineSuite helps users increase and streamline communication with their subcontractors and vendors. Eliminating double data entry, saves users time and money and ultimately users win more bids! PipelineSuite is the bid solicitation software of choice for Heavy Highway and Heavy Civil companies.