LIVE Customer Service and Why It’s Important!

BY Brittney Neely

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Great customer service has always been one of the pillars of PipelineSuite’s success.

Even though we offer a variety of communication channels for our customers, including phone, email, and live chat, we know that over 75% of consumers still favor having a live agent for support compared to self-service and chatbot methods.

Consumers Want a Personalized Experience

Over 84% of consumers state that they want to be treated like a person and not another number in a business’s logs. A chatbot, unless it has complex coding, won’t be able to remember (much less empathize with) a customer and their issues.

Upon initial contact, human representatives can understand a customer’s problem from a technical and emotional standpoint. Whether they are solving the consumer’s concern or building rapport with them, which can improve future encounters.

Most customers want their account rep to know who they are, what they’re doing with the products and services, and what their immediate concerns are. They don’t want to repeat their issue every time they call or send a message. As such, automated directories or chatbots that ask the same questions over and over is just irritating. At PipelineSuite, you are given a dedicated rep with detailed dossiers about each customer, ensuring each customer feels like we truly care about solving their concerns.

Fast Resolution, Better Consumer Experiences

Research shows that customers usually expect responses to their questions in less than an hour. While bots and automatic directories can answer them, the quality of those responses may not be satisfactory. This leads to frustration, as customers clamor through menus just to get an answer.

PipelineSuite provides all customers with their own personal Account Executive that’s available for all training and questions.

If you use our chat support, PipelineSuite has a response goal of 5 minutes and you are always chatting with a live person!

Always Listening to Our Customers

With our own in-house, experienced developers, we’re able to listen to our customers and develop new features that are most important to them. You can create new feature requests and vote on other customers’ suggestions. The requests with the most votes go to the top of our developers’ list. What other company do you know that does this?

PipelineSuite understands the importance of creating a personal experience, providing fast resolution to questions, and listening to our customer’s wants and needs. This is why our customer retention rate is high.

At PipelineSuite we believe in a partnership between client and vendor which is why:

  • We give our cell phone numbers for all support issues
  • We pick up on the weekends
  • We help make sure every one of your emails go through to your subs’ inbox
  • We train any new user/estimator 1:1

Find out why we are unlike any other!