PipelineRFQ™ Redefines Bid Solicitation Efficiency

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Newport Beach, CA-July 2005-PipelineRFQ, a leader in Bid Solicitation software, has announced the Version 2 release of its cutting edge product in the construction industry. The new release just became available in June. PipelineRFQ™ is on-demand bid solicitation software used mainly by commercial General Contractors to create Bid Invitations and Addenda, and fax and/or email to their subs in just a few clicks. Its ease of use combined with no software or server to install, and no fax modem and phone line to maintain, is proving to be more and more efficient to Contractors. A new key feature allows users more information tracking after invitations are sent. “I’m getting a lot of use from the Notes field in the confirm-bidders page already” comments Ray Gasperetti with Cimorelli Construction in Sacramento, California. “It’s helping me track who will be attending a job-walk and who plans will be given to.” With unmatched flexibility, power and ease-of-use, PipelineRFQ™ 2.0 signals a quantum leap forward for Bid Invitation efficiency. Gone are the days of grappling with complex and cumbersome technology and overburdened IT departments. “PipelineRFQ™ Version 2.0 raises the bar far above anything previously offered by any other web-based Bid Solicitation software product,” said Rick Dill, chairman and CEO of PipelineSuite.

About PipelineRFQ™ and PipelineSuite.

Founded in 1998, Online Building Products, Inc., dba. PipelineSuite developed PipelineSuite®, a group of web-based software programs for the building industry. One of its most popular programs is PipelineRFQ™, which debuted at the Building Industry Association (BIA) show in Long Beach, California in 2002. PipelineRFQ allows General Contractors to send bid invitations and addenda via fax and/or email to their subcontractors with just a few mouse clicks, without any hardware or software to install or maintain. Its other popular product is PipelineBTS™ bid tracking software, which allows subcontractors to send their bid proposals to their list of General Contractors via fax and/or email, and then track them. PipelineSuite is headquartered in Newport Beach, California, and has a branch sales and technology office in Garner, North Carolina.