PipelineSuite adds NDA Feature

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BY PreconSuite

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PipelineSuite Bid Management Software just launched a new automated NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) feature which allows you restrict your planroom portal on a project specific basis to only those subs that have accepted your NDA terms. This helps streamline the process of obtaining NDA signatures on confidential projects, saving time for both parties compared to the prior method of downloading a PDF, signing, scanning, re-uploading and emailing. The feature is simple to activate by checking a box in the Project Settings page, and then pasting the agreement verbiage into the text box (or copying from prior saved NDA’s). The project’s Daily Activity Log will show which subs viewed the NDA, and which accepted, including the IP address if the device they used for their digital signature.

There is also a feature that allows the general contractor user to view and approve each NDA before allowing the subcontractor access to the confidential project information.

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