PipelineSuite® Launches Revolutionary Combination of Bid Packages with Bid Phases Feature

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BY PreconSuite

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Revolutionary Feature Combines Bid Packages with Bid Phases to Efficiently Solicit and Manage Bids on Complex Projects

PipelineSuite® is thrilled to announce its new cutting-edge bid management software feature that allows general contractors to organize bidders lists into Bid Packages and rebid those same projects in Bid Phases, all stored in the same project. This feature is one-of-a kind and exclusive to PipelineSuite users.

What does this mean?

This allows our larger general contractors that have more complex bidding methods to track everything in one project instead of having to create separate projects for each bid phase or rebid.

The power of our Bid Packages feature allows them to:

  • Create separate verbiage on bid invitations that are specific to those trades.
  • Have separate Bid Dates per Bid Package.
  • Have separate plan room documents per Bid Package.
  • List separate project contacts (estimator contacts, etc.) for each Bid Package.

The power of the Bid Phases feature allows them to:

  • Bid a project in Phases, such as for Preliminary Budget, 75% Drawings, 100% Drawings, etc.
  • Rebid a project quickly, including all its Bid Packages and their related subcontractors.
  • Quickly view prior bids or bid phases all in the same project view. No more searching for the prior projects.

For example…

Let’s say you’re sending out a Bid Invitation with special invitation verbiage for electrical subs and different verbiage for others. And you have some files that you only want some Bid Packages and subcontractors to see. And you’d also like to assign a project contact for each Bid Package.

Then in a few weeks, you want to rebid the whole thing in one click and track the history of each bid phase in the same “project” view. No problem with PipelineSuite® Bid Management Software, the ONLY provider that can do ALL of this!

The Bottom Line

This new feature puts PipelineSuite® ahead of the pack with its enterprise-level construction bid management software, while maintaining its 20-year core value of keeping its software simple and intuitive for all its users. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact us at [email protected] or call 949-222-0400.