Subcontractor Directory & Find Me More Subs

BY Andy Dill

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Ensuring you have coverage for all trades can be a timely task, and failure to do so can be very costly. It is a game-changer to quickly find more subs if you are working in a new area or lacking coverage.

How Does It Work?

Our Sub Directory data is procured from a team of callers that are continually finding more subs for our customers. In addition to our callers, we have partnerships with contractor associations and subcontractors that sign up directly through our website.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our directory, click “Find Me More Subs” and our callers will populate the directory with your request! Not only do the callers locate new subs at your request, they will verify the sub’s willingness to bid prior to adding their information.

Data quality is always a concern which is why we track bounced emails. Our callers fix and update any bounced emails.

Working in a New Area:

Great! You’re taking on more work and expanding. The biggest challenge can be finding quality subs to work with. Access PipelineSuite’s Subcontractor Directory with hundreds of thousands of subs and suppliers across the US and Canada. You can search using filters such as a zip code radius; select the trades you require and send the invitation to bid to the new subs in a few clicks.

Ease of Use for your Subs is Important:

Over 2 million subcontractors per month receive invites from our General Contractor customers. They love that they never have to login to respond, download files, and submit a bid. Eliminating obstacles for your subs is important especially if you don’t currently have a relationship with them. General Contractor’s who send invites through PipelineSuite have a sub open rate of over 85% and high response rate.


We believe the company relationships you have built should NOT be shared with others therefore, we NEVER share our customer’s data in the Directory.

You can learn more about our Sub Directory, invitation to bid software, bid leveling and prequal by signing up for a demonstration.