Making Data-Driven Decisions in PipelineSuite

BY Andy Dill

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Controlling your data and enabling your employees to use the data to make better decisions is paramount to success in the construction industry. During the preconstruction process there are ways to mitigate risk, and utilize information collected from your vendors to make decisions that will help you save time, and win more contracts.

The problem many companies face is ownership of that data! Many companies use a network of subs, but aren’t able to export or integrate the data to other systems. These vendors are recommended based on criteria that is misaligned with the General Contractors needs.

Other companies have a list of companies they have worked with in the past. What happens if an estimator with many of the sub relationships retires? Do you have any pertinent information on safety, finance, risk, etc?

How can you collect your sub data?

Use a customizable prequalification form to gather data that’s important to you. Reference that data on any company’s profile.

Do your vendors have their certifications, safety training up to date?

Gather proof and documentation and expiration dates so that you can decrease risk. Send automatic reminders for subs that have expiration dates coming up in 30-60-90 day intervals. Subs can upload their updated documents which are attached to their profile within your system.

Manage risk:

Obtain EMR, OSHA, TRIR, and any other consideration to rank your subs based on criteria you decide.

How can you make sure your subs meet the project requirements?

Utilize a bid form checklist when you collect your bid back from your vendors.

Find trends and identify vendors that may be trending poorly:

Is a subs’ EMR increasing? Bonding rate decreasing?

With PipelineSuite you can create unlimited custom fields. Create any custom report to analyze the data you have on your subs. Use that data to make informed decisions on who to award or if there are restrictions for certain subs on a project.

PipelineSuite is a full-suite preconstruction platform from Prequal, Sub Directory, Plan Distribution, and Bid Leveling. You own all the data in PipelineSuite, even the subs that you can import from PipelineDirectory. PipelineSuite puts you in control so you can become a data-driven organization.